Got out this morning and did a final solvent wipe to get all the dust and dirt that I could off, then broke out the paint.


First coat went on quite nicely. I’m using an high quality exterior acrylic latex (Duramax by Valspar). Some people think that’s crazy (like several things I do), while several others that I respect recommend it highly and have had good luck. This will be a trailer boat a lot of the time, at least early on, and for the next year or so, it will be sitting in the yard like a house anyhow. I think it will be ok.

For anybody that is painting a Mark V28, you’ll need a couple of gallons. One gallon is rated to cover 300-400 square feet. I figure that the hull and sides are roughly 325-350. Seems to match up pretty well with how much I used for one coat.

We had chosen a very light grey color. After the first coat, we decided that: 1) it needed a second coat (not unexpected) and 2) we wanted a darker color. The grey was just too light and nearly looked white. The light semi-gloss also showed the various imperfections pretty badly.

First coat:

So, during the afternoon errands, we got another gallon with a slightly darker and bluer color.


There are certainly still imperfections and problems, but that both matched the color we wanted much better, and also hid a lot of problems. I’m quite pleased.

All in all, it went quite quickly. Even got a chance to put together the first "cradle" I intend to use to hold it up when we get it turned over.

Now we just have to roll it!

Money = $52.36 (paint, wood, rollers) + $3.67 (tax) = $56.03

Time = 4 hours