Everybody always says sanding the boat is a real pain… didn’t seem that hard to me at all. Dane loved the chance to get back into things. We’ve had a dry spell where most of the build activities were things that he couldn’t really help with. Well, he can run the random orbit sander just great.

Actually, he did an outstanding job. He immediately got the "use progressively finer" sandpaper routine and I let him go at it. Did a really great job. Didn’t even peter out before the end… he was actually disappointed that there was a bit of the bow that he couldn’t do because I had wet epoxy up there.

Since I left work early today to get some done on the boat, we had more time than normal. While he was working away, I finished up making at least a first pass at the keel/hull fillet and also did some fiberglass tape/epoxy fillets that I had been meaning to do on some of the bow end side panel/sheer clamp joints.

Got all my epoxy work done and had to wait on the sander to begin sanding and smoothing the keel/hull fillet that I did yesterday. Most of it came out pretty well, but there are a few little places to continue to fill.

Money = 13.78 (sanding disks) + .96 (tax) = $14.74

Time = 3 hours