>>> Pro-built Tiki 30 – builder’s blog

This is a little different take on an online build blog where a professional shop is building the boat. Detailed postings, lots of pictures… really nice to see how the pro’s do it (although it makes me think mine really looks bad in places).

Pro-Built Tiki 30 is an online journal to document the construction of a professionally-built Wharram Tiki 30 catamaran in Jupiter, Florida, USA. This wood-epoxy composite catamaran is being built by the crew of Boatsmith, under the direction of owner and master boat carpenter, David Halladay. This new Wharram catamaran, Tiki 30 #181, will be built and fitted out to the highest standards in the modern boatbuilding industry. It is available for sale under contract during construction or as a sailaway vessel upon completion.