Got home and (after fixing the faucet) got to work on the boat again. In better light, and with the epoxy dry it was easier to see what kind of "mess" I had to work with.

Laying in bed last night I had come to the conclusion I would never be satisfied if I left that area unskinned/clothed. I had about decided I would put a big piece from side to side, double covering in places (most of it) and covering the parts where I had ground the bad away. At least taking it above the water line would satisfy my feelings if nothing else. Well, after looking more closely and seeing better what I had covered and not, I decided I could cover it with some cut pieces.

Cut one with Dane’s help and it fell into nearly perfect position and covered the needed area quite nicely. A couple of more small scraps and all was covered. Applied a few cups of epoxy and I think we’re good to go. It will take a bit of sanding and fairing, but I think we’ll be good.

Time = 2 hours