Tonight I worked on fixing some of the problems with the sheathing that I found on the bow yesterday. That didn’t come out as nicely as I wanted. More of the sheathing than I thought hadn’t bonded to the wood under it. For whatever reason, I didn’t seem to get a good take on that. Of course the fact that the bow area on one side was the last part I did, and I was very tired might have had something to do with it. The other side of the bow where my Dad did it (and much earlier in the day) came out much nicer.

Ground off a bunch of old, HARD cloth (if nothing else, I know that epoxy and cloth is tough). It makes an incredible amount of very fine, white dust to grind it. Cleaned up and started filling in some gaps and holes with thickened epoxy. Originally I was going to cover the gaps with cloth, but given the odd shapes and the fact that its on the side of the stem/keel area for a bit at the very front, I may just go with the epoxy. I don’t think it will get all that much wear right there and (more importantly) I don’t think I could ever get the cloth on there and smoothed in. That thickened epoxy is tough… I think that will work.

Most all of the area under it was well sealed with layers of epoxy already in doing some of the filling and fairing,

At the stern I had a handful of "blisters" where I had a bubble that didn’t bond. Ground those open and filled them. That part I think went well and I don’t anticipate an issue there.

Also did a bit of fairing and smoothing. Tried some epoxy with talc… that’s weird stuff. Turns a nearly silver/grey color. It does smooth on pretty nice, although I’m much more used to the Cabosil thickened stuff and may stay with it for part of this.

I still have a bunch to do down the keel to hull joint, and more on the bow.

Time = 2 hours