Well, had a tremendous thunderstorm (2.2 inches of rain) during my afternoon boat-working time, so didn’t get to do much.

Went out for a bit after evening service and supper and sanded on the keel. Since there were more seams there, I was curious how it was going to finish out. Seems to done pretty well. I’ll need some fairing at the keel/hull joint, but it’s not bad.

The bad part was the bow/stem. Part of the cloth didn’t bond well to that for some reason. It’s a stiff mess about 1/8" from the wood. Had to cut it off and grind the bad pieces away. There will be more grinding tomorrow when I have better light, then some patching and filling. Not quite sure how I’ll do that, but I’m sure I can fill it somehow.

Overall, I’m still really impressed with how the hull sheathing came out. I know the perfectionists out there wouldn’t think it’s smooth enough, but I’m quite pleased.

The family has been busy picking out the final color for the hull… looks like it will be a very light bluish grey.

Time = 1 hour