Amazingly, after my day yesterday, I could even move this morning, and even felt like trying to attack the boat a bit more. I really want to finish the bottom of the hull 🙂

Got up and went out and put Xynole on the keel/skeg. Don’t know that the "joint" with the hull bottom is going to come out as smooth as I would like, but I guess enough sanding will fix anything.

Time = 1 (hot) hour

Then after lunch and a movie (Wall-E is cute… I liked it) with the family, I went out after we got home and was looking around. The hull was "rough" or nearly "prickly" to the touch and I really wondered how well it would sand down.

Broke out the sander and hit it a little… it did VERY well. I continued and wound up making a pass around the entire hull (sides and bottom). I’ll need to work on the bow a good bit more, along with some at the transom and the keel, but I’m really, really pleased with the smoothness of the sides and bottom already. It’s not going to take a lot to get it to a paintable level that meets my requirements.

Note that some people want a boat glass smooth and with a finish you can use as a mirror, but mine isn’t going to be quite that level. If it’s reasonable smooth, with a semi-gloss finish I think it will be great for me.

Time = 1.5 (much cooler) hours