Man what a day…

Up fairly early (at least for a holiday) and out to the boat. Got some "before" pictures. This will be one of the only "morning light" pictures you’ll probably see of this hull.

Blew off the dust and laid out the Xynole. Got things set and started applying epoxy. Over and over and more and more.

Nearly 4 gallons of epoxy and 7 hours later (with a short lunch break) and we have a hull sheathed. Thankfully my Dad came up and helped out for much of that time. Me, my Dad, Melanie and Dane all got into it at some point.

Note that the "fluff" at the bow will get trimmed up and cleaned up. We had extra cloth there and I was too beat to finish it all out.

After we recovered from working all day in very hot, sunny weather, we celebrated July 4th as a family (my parents and my crowd) with a nice, traditional meal of hamburgers with the fixings.

Over the next few days I’ve got to get the keel covered, sand, fair and paint.

Money = $13.70 (10 chip brushes) + .96 (tax) = $14.66 (should be gloves also)

Time = 7 hours