Cleaned up/sanded a little of the fillet I did yesterday and also planed a little of the keel toward the bow that was "sloped" to one side. Got that leveled up I think.

Talked on the phone a good while with my Dad… him and my Mom are coming up on the 4th (Friday) for the sheathing party. It will be nice to work with them a bit. We spent a while discussing the rollover tactics. We’re going to bring his tractor with front-end loader up and use it.

Given the placement of my hull, I’ve got to slide it "forward" about 15-20 feet before it can roll over. We’ve decided we can get the front-end loader bucket under the front of the strongback, pick up the bow a little and "slide" the entire thing. If it doesn’t want to slide, he’s got some heavy walled pipe we can use as a roller.

Guess we’ll see 🙂

Time = 1.5 hours