Got my order from U.S. Composites for all the epoxy, pumps, stir sticks and some talc for fairing. It’s been recommended to use talc for epoxy thickening when fairing since it’s much easier to sand than the Cabosil. Given how tough the stuff is with Cabosil, I can believe that, although I have seen a few references to talc not being good for below the waterline use… guess we’ll see.

Sanded a little and spread the last of the old epoxy as a fillet for the places on the keel/skeg joint to the hull that weren’t nicely done already. Also emptied trash cans, cleaned up old epoxy containers and all that kind of cleanup and organization stuff getting ready for the sheathing party Friday.

Laid out and measured the Xynole cloth yesterday and cut two long strips. Looks like it will fit very nicely. The 69" width will cover from the centerline to the top of the hull sides from stem to stern (as the hull bottom gets wider, then sides get lower and it balances out).

Money = $263.70 + $38.52 (shipping)

Time = 1 hour

Time = 1 hour (yesterday)