Solar energy storage

>>> Solar energy storage

One of the major problems with solar power is that you only get energy when the sun is out. When the sun is down (or even just low on the horizon or it’s cloudy), then you need another source of power.

Right now, batteries are often used to store that energy for later use, but weight and inefficiencies limit the technology.

This article tells us about an advance that MIT has announced in energy storage. Using ideas similar to plant photosynthesis, they split water into oxygen and hydrogen and later recombine it when the energy is needed.

Side decks and more dewatering

Had another time of laminating side decks and removing water. I thought it was fairly dry last night… apparently not. Had to clean it out a good bit.

Going to HAVE to find a good cover soon.

Dane spent a good while vacuuming out sawdust and various ick that is already collecting in the bilge. In between he helped hold side deck boards and flexed them into place for me to fasten. Went pretty well.

As usual, Dane was a big help and right in there with me. We did have one little incident though. He got some glue on his hand. I told him to make sure and not wipe it on his clothes, since he had half-way decent clothes on. He assured me that he had wiped it on the boat. OK… well we had done that a good bit, but now we’re down to parts that we will continue to see, so I mentioned that we didn’t need to wipe it on the inside much, since we’ll be seeing that, etc.

"Oh, that’s ok… I wiped it on the outside!"

Argggg… well, that’s one place a little touch-up paint will be in order.

Time = 1.5 hours

Are Fuel Prices Changing Boating?

>>> Are Fuel Prices Changing Boating?

Mad Marinerâ„¢ has done a poll and article on how much fuel prices have changed people’s boating plans. A bunch.

Check the article for details and some links to a variety of builders who are beginning to build more economical boats.

A trial subscription to the site is available which gives you full access to try it out, or you can purchase a yearly subscription for a modest fee.

For full disclosure, I write some paid articles for Mad Marinerâ„¢.

Bilge pump

Well, I think I need a bilge pump.

This afternoon we got a storm… quite a storm. 1.5" of rain in about an hour. That’s coming down pretty well. Had a tarp nicely covering things up, but rain like that points out why building outside is NOT recommended. I had a large, funny shaped swimming pool.

Thankfully my friend Roger who helped me flip it had brought along an old sump pump he had. Dane and I spent about 20 minutes dewatering the boat.

It holds a bunch 🙂

Time = 30 minutes

Side decks

Sorry, no pictures today…

Got the first 1/2 or so of the side decks in place. Seemed to fall in fairly well. Just a matter of laminating them in (after getting things notched and ready yesterday). There will be plenty of planing and shaping to get everything totally smooth and nice looking.

This thing is going to be tough with that much wood at the edges like that 🙂

Time = 1.5 hours

Getting ready for side decks

(missed getting this entry posted yesterday, sorry).

After church I ran by the Home Depot and got lumber for the side decks. These are 1x laminated up 4 layers deep. With the sheer clamps already in place that adds up to 4.5 inches or so. Enough to have a toe-hold to move around beside the cabin if you have to, and also lets the cabin side walls be pretty much vertical. Also picked up some screws, a grinding wheel, etc.

Anyway, then I spent a couple of hours cutting the frames to fit around the side decks, notching the bulkheads, etc. This wasn’t real clear in the plans, and I really think the idea probably worked a little better on the V39 where the frames were temporary and removed once the hull was complete. Anyway, I had some correspondence with the designer and I think I’m doing it mostly right.

Got too hot after a while and called it a day.

Money = $89.16 + 6.24 (tax) = $95.40

Time = 2 hours

Pictorial cruise log

>>> Pictorial cruise log

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Bryan and his Escargot… well, he dropped me a note the other day right before heading out on a cruise down to Lake Washington.

A neat twist (which I think would be nice to see more of) is that he has hooked up a blog that he can post a quick picture to remotely. His Big-Velo blog’s last several entries allow you to follow along on his trip… really slick (not to mention I really like his boat :-)).

Look at that sheer!

Spent a very hot hour this morning cleaning some stuff up and removing screws from the pile of former braces.

Then in the somewhat cooler afternoon, Dane and I worked for a good while. Got some protruding screws cleaned up and ground down/out from the interior.

Then the big change was to get the side panels trimmed to match the sheer line it’s supposed to have… really looks nice to me.

Melanie came out and immediately saw the difference… really obvious.

Time = 4 hours