I’ve been doing a bit of research around on paint for my boat, including anti-fouling paint for the bottom.

Opinions, as in everything, abound. Even the question of whether you need anti-fouling paint for a trailer boat is much in doubt, by some. It seems to boil down to how long you’re in the water. Of course where you boat has a good bit of effect also, since the various scummy critters vary depending on fresh/salt water, water temperature, lighting conditions, and who knows what else.

I wanted to list a few resources I’ve ran across. Don’t know that I’ve made final decisions yet, although I have a few leanings.

  • George Kirby, Jr. Paint Co. – a classic, old style, real world business that is known for great products and service
  • Pettit Paints – currently they resell the Hydrocoat antifouling paint. For a multi-season ablative paint, this seems to be my choice. Multi-season means it can dry out on a trailer and still work when you go back in the water. Ablative means it wears away and "disappears" as it’s used up. If there is paint left, its working. This keeps the scraping and sanding down when it’s time to renew it. There are certainly competitors to this product, but many people have seemed to recommend it.
  • WoodenBoat Forum discussion – there are lots more on the various boards, but there was a lot of good discussion in this thread, in my opinion. As I mentioned, like many boat related things, everybody has an opinion 🙂
  • California Paints Pool Paint – I toss this in just because it came up in some of the online discussion boards as a "wonder how that would work" item. Its apparently designed for underwater use…
  • Latex Paint for Boats by Dave Carnell – This article is one of those "makes a lot of sense to me" things… read it and see what you think. By all means, leave a comment below!