Was fixing to go out this afternoon and have several hours on the boat… then the monsoon hit for a while. We need the rain badly, but…

Anyway, it calmed down after a while and Dane and I went out and did some skimming/smoothing on the bow where it’s pretty rough and pocked. The various boards didn’t lay down as nicely as you could want, so there were still some gaps and unevenness that I tried to smooth out.

Then we did a bit more filleting and taping on some of the sheer clamps on the inside where I wanted to reinforce things. That seemed to go well and I ran out of steam in the hot, humid air about the time I ran out of epoxy.

More should arrive on Tuesday (large batch for the sheathing efforts). I have things scheduled for us to sheath the hull next Friday (I’m off for the holiday). Hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Money = $2.92 (putty knives/skim tool) + .20 (tax) = $3.12

Time = 1.5 hours