To go with that roll of cloth, I know I’m going to need some more epoxy to wet it out with. Did a fair amount of research over the last couple of days trying to get some idea of about how much epoxy this was going to take.

The designer wasn’t sure on his use (it’s been a while), but he and others commented that it takes "a lot" of epoxy to wet out xynole. Found a few approximate figures, but still wasn’t comfortable estimating.

Larry at Raka, Inc. came through again. A quick email (had meant to ask when I ordered and forgot it) and promptly replied.

The xynole will take 1 mixed gal. of epoxy for every 100 sq. feet on a hard surface. If putting on over plywood, you have to allow the first coat of the fir plywood at 1 gal to 150 sq. feet in addition to what the xynole will take.

Yet another example of good customer service.

I ordered 6+ gallons (5 gallons resin and 1.6 gallons of hardner) from U.S. Composites, along with some talc for mixing with epoxy for fairing, and some stir sticks. That should show up in a few days and then we’ll be aiming to put this stuff on the hull.

I expect to have it ready for it all over this weekend.

Lastly spent a while today researching paint and anti-fouling. Don’t know for sure which way I’m going with this… more later.