And I don’t even smoke…

In actuality this is the roll of Xynole from Raka, Inc. I’m really impressed now. I ordered this stuff on Monday and it’s here two days later. And it’s not like I paid for next day shipping or anything.

Packing was quite good. Apparently some people ship Xynole folded, which then requires you to iron it to get it flat. Raka shipped mine rolled on a tube, then wrapped in plastic, then the entire thing wrapped in fairly heavy cardboard. The cardboard had split in one spot at one end, but the other packing all held and there was no problems.

Despite lots of references to this stuff (xynole polyester cloth), I had never actually seen it or a picture of it before this arrived. It’s very much like “scrim” or muslin cheesecloth type material. Here’s a closeup picture of it if that helps anybody know what they are getting.

Now to figure out how much epoxy I need.

Money = 236.10 + 9.92 (shipping) = $246.02