Of course most of us would argue there’s not much difference between tools and toys. GMC came through today… one week and a day and I now have two sets (4 cutting surfaces, since they are reversible) of blades for my planer. Fit like a champ. And the exchange rate between AUS and US dollars is just about 1-1, which made it nice.

To add to that, Melanie and Dane came through for Father’s day (now that I felt like getting out and picking it out with them). I have a new Porter Cable 5" Random Orbit Sander. I haven’t had a lot in the sanding tool arena and I can tell the demand is going to really expand. Played with it just a minute after we got home… quiet and seemed to do a nice job. I haven’t used a random orbit sander before. It’s going to take a little getting used to, but I think I like it.

Money = $56.79 (sander and a few disks) + $3.98 (tax) = $60.77