We’re getting to the point that I think all the "pieces" are now attached to the hull. Now it’s a matter of fairing/planing, etc.

I took a while and trimmed the hull bottom and transom pieces around the motor well area. Got them all trimmed up neat and rounded over.

After that, finished planing the skeg/keel to shape. Got it to a fairly straight line that looks nice. Decided to round over the "corner" of it up both sides with the router.

Dane was helping his mother with supper while I did all this power tool work and about the time I finished, he came out to call me to supper. He was extremely impressed with how I had "smoothed" the keel. He was talking about the roundover. It’s gratifying to hear that little voice proclaim "you did a very nice job!" 🙂

Time = 2 hours