Well, seems like a small step, but I now have a continuous piece from stem, through the keel to the full skeg at the stern. May not seem like much, but somehow it feels like a big accomplishment.

I got the piece I cut yesterday in place, sanded a few spots to make it fit better, and epoxied it into place. I wasn’t really sure about the mounting method of this filler piece. Wound up driving a couple of screws into the bottom, center section. Left their heads out a bit and they fit down in the “crack” down the centerline between the hull panels. With that area filled with epoxy, they provide a little more “rebar” to keep the piece from pulling out… seemed like a good idea, anyhow. Liberally applied epoxy and there it is. Obviously enough (or maybe not, if you don’t have the plans in front of you), it will be trimmed so that the curve is fair between the stem and the keel. I decided to do that in place instead of trying to do it ahead of time. Until then, just consider it an ice breaker.

Time = 1 hour