Got home (immediately after a thundershower) and had a chance to work on the boat a bit… still wasn’t sure how to handle the filler piece between the stem and the keel, so I was going to plane on the aft end of the keel/skeg some more, clean up some stuff around the motor well, etc.

First I uncovered the bow so I could get a picture of the stem.

Well, once I had it uncovered I somehow got into making the filler piece to fill that gap. Cut one, fit pretty well. Cut the other, it fit even better. Got them glued up and here’s the result.

Doesn’t look like that much, but came together nicely, and I should be able to get it fitted onto the hull in the next couple of days. The "square" side will be rounded off to make a nice curve between the bow and the bottom. I left it square to ease mounting and gluing.