Got to work for a good while on the boat today. Picked up a 1x8x8 to use to make the outer stem. Got that cut and laminated up (two layers of 1x and 1 layer of 1/2" ply/MDO). Got the bow trimmed up and in shape to mount it, and I think I may have figured out how to mount it 🙂

Got the rest of the keel on toward the bow, with only the gap between the end of the keel and the stem to fill in. Found some 5/4 (full 1" thickness) SYP that was designed to be stairtread and have a piece of that to use for the filler. Was glad to find that, since the piece needs to be 2" thick, and several inches wide. I can laminate two layers of the 5/4 and have a really nice piece that I can cut to the right, rounded shape.

So, worked a long time and it’s hard to see that anything changed, but I felt like I made progress.

Money = $25.33 (lumber) + $1.77 (tax) = $27.10

Time = 4 hours