My wife Melanie

During our weekend family visit, we unexpectedly got to spend a few hours boating on the Tennessee River. My brother-in-law recently got a new Sea Ray 26′ bow rider. Not the boat I would buy, but great for him and his family, and we certainly had a blast out on the water with them.

A little time actually "boating" instead of "building" really revitalized the desire to get this build finished… I know that won’t be any time soon, but this, combined with recent visible progress, really makes this all worthwhile.

The family both enjoyed things and we had some nice conversation on the drive home about some boat issues, design decisions, things like that. Dane was so excited about it all, that he prodded me to get some work done when we got home, instead of just vegging a few minutes. While I unloaded the car, Dane was already down digging out the plans and looking to answer a question he had.

We spent about 45 minutes removing some fo the clamping screws (Dane’s job) and I did a lot of the planing to get the skeg to shap. Still have a bit more to go, but looked pretty good.

Time = 45 minutes