Managed to tape the rear "bottom" (underwater) seams on the transom tonight and put a couple of more pieces of keel in place. The keel would really move fast, except its much easier to "catch" doing a layer at a time and letting the epoxy dry in-between.

Not to mention I ran out of the wood I bought. I had intended to get another couple of layers on tomorrow before I’m out of town for a day or two for the Memorial Day holiday, but I may not make it.

Regardless, we’re still progressing. With the various drips and dribbles, there is going to be more sanding on the hull than I wanted 🙂

Had some friends by that hadn’t seen the hull in a couple of months. At that time it was completely under the shed, but now I’ve got the "top off" and more room to work now that the weather allows. Being able to see the entire hull at once really makes it seem bigger. Roger has been doing some repairs to his 15′ runabout… mine really seems big in comparison.

Time = 2 hours