>>> Beebe’s Passagemaker for sale

If you have followed the passagemaking and long range powerboating world for long, you have heard of Robert Beebe and his boat Passagemaker. The first of the successful, long range cruising power boats for an individual, he designed and had it built and used it many years. Since then, its been through other hands and now sadly sits, fading away.

Beebe’s Voyaging Under Power is the definitive book (now in it’s third edition with additions by James Leishman) for those interested in small craft personal passagemaking.

The boat is for sale, asking $105,000 in Trinidad. Still a beautiful craft, its going to take a lot of work and money to get her wooden hull back in prime shape again. Even if you aren’t in the market or in position to take the job on, you might check out the Friends of Passagemaker group who is looking to buy and save the boat.

This Mad Marinerâ„¢ article covers the boat’s history and some facts about its recent life.

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