Spent just a little while tonight getting ready to put the keel bolts on tonight. Drilled holes through the two mounted layers of keel and got things ready for that. Discovered that the bolts I got were about 2" too long, so I’ll go ahead and swap those out before I get them in place. Also discovered that I started the keel about 8" too far from the stern. I have no idea how I managed that. No big deal, I’ll just add a bit more back there, but it was annoying.

About the last hole I drilled it suddenly dawned on me that I was busy drilling holes in the bottom of my boat that I’ve spent so long getting sealed up. It would have pretty much floated at this point, except now there are holes through the bottom :-).

We’ll get those bolts in place and the rest of the keel will cover that up nicely. Weather ran me back in before I really got much more done.

Time = 20 minutes