After morning services and Mother’s Day lunch with my wife and son, we got into some boat work. Ran by the orange box (Home Depot) and picked up some 1×6 pine boards to rip for the outer keel. I still find it odd that it’s cheaper to buy 1×6 instead of 1×3. It just seems to me that they could get smaller boards from smaller, cheaper trees, but I guess it doesn’t work that way.

Georgia had some pretty bad storms during the night last night (tornado’s, severe thunderstorms, etc.) We didn’t have any real damage, but the high winds neatly removed the plastic from my shed. Since it’s easier to work that way, and it’s not due for any rain to speak of for several days, I just left it off. The winds this afternoon would have removed it again anyhow.

One side effect is that you can see the entire boat at once. I makes it bigger 🙂 Got some pictures while we had the opportunity.

Dane got busy removing some of the "clamping" screws down the centerline so that we could plane it off level and get ready for the keel. While he worked on that, I rounded off the chines. I tried using a round-over in the router but with the angles involved, it just didn’t work well at all. Wound up just taking the angle grinder with rough sandpaper on it and rounding it by hand. Worked like a champ.

Later we got the first board of the outer keel on. Had to plane off the centerline flat and fill the "crack" with epoxy. Went ahead and glued the first board in place. That went fine… just have to make really sure it’s straight and in the middle.

Money = $23.13 (1×6’s) + 1.62 (tax) = $24.75

Time = 4 hours