>>> N/S Savannah

Picture from Wikipedia

Our friends over at GCaptain had a blurb about the N/S Savannah

  • the world’s first nuclear powered merchant ship. It was an interesting article and a good update on the ship.

Wikipedia also has a fairly up-to-date entry on the vessel.

I find this ship interesting from a couple of viewpoints… in this modern day of high and climbing oil prices, maybe its time to be considering some more of these ships?

More personally to me, I toured the ship in Charleston, SC and the Patriot’s Point museum many years ago. When I returned a few years later, it wasn’t there. There was no mention of where it went or what happened to it. It was as if it had never been there and I really began to wonder what I was dreaming up. I finally found it had been moved, but kind of lost track. It’s somehow neat to me to hear that it is being cleaned up and refurbished (minus the propulsion system) and that its on the National Historic Register and will be kept for historical reasons.