It’s always a pleasure to have something good to write about a vendor you deal with. Excellent customer service can mean so much these days.

If you recall, I ordered some more epoxy from U.S. Composites the other day. Well, when it arrived last Friday I was busy and didn’t get around to opening it. Sunday evening I opened the box and found that the gallon of resin had sprung a leak. The jug itself was leaking (split a seam I think)… the lid was still tight and well sealed (plug, screw on lid and tape).

The entire shipment was sealed in a heavy plastic bag that had contained the spill, although everything else was fairly well covered in goo. One nice thing was that most of the small stuff (fiberglass roller, pumps) were in their own bags, so they were ok.

Well, now I had a rather expensive mess. I called them Monday morning and was promptly greeted with apologies and offers to send replacement containers for any that were too messy to use. Absolutely no question about sending a replacement jug of resin.

I declined the kind offer of new bottles and they were going to ship the other. It came today, well packed in packing peanuts and just what I ordered.

Thanks for a good recovery! Visit U.S. Composites and check out their supplies.