>>> Building Shop at Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center

I wanted to point out the recent comment "Dory Building Shop at Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center" which has some links to some interesting classic wood boatbuilding still happening in Gloucester. Joey has a nice little blog going here. Not strictly boatbuilding, be definitely related to the sea and the lifestyle.

GoodMorningGloucester My View of Life on the Dock GoodMorningGloucester is the spawn of a messageboard thread on CapeAnnOnline The thread started as a daily photo essay of life on the docks and family photos but as it got longer and longer I realized that a blog is a much better way to organize and share. CapeAnnOnline has been my local go-to website and will continue to be but we will post our pics and if I think I have something interesting to say I may share it here.

For some great seascapes and boat pics, make sure and check out the CapeAnnOnline reference.