After a little yard work (including a flat tire on the mower) I got to spend a while trimming up the hull bottom flush with the side panels. Again, when you get stuff flushed up, it really changes the looks.

It probably doesn’t show in the picture that much, but it really looks boatlike. I think the thing would actually float for a while (just a few small holes left).

I learned a couple of critical boatbuilding facts tonight. The first involves pockets on your shirts. I always wear a shirt with pockets because I have to have my pen and pocket screwdriver handy. Well, if you are planing and cutting above your chest level, you would be amazed how much sawdust you catch in your pocket 🙂

The other big learning experience of the evening involved working more of your muscles than you anticipate. I got one side of the hull trimmed within about 8′ of the bow and the other side I got 10′ plus at the aft end finished. I was getting tired, so packed up and called it quits. On the way into the house I reached up to brush some of the dust and wood chips off.

Have you ever had a cramp in the muscle that goes above your shoulder blade? I don’t recommend it… after Melanie rubbed on it awhile it calmed down, but that didn’t feel good.

Time = 1.5 hours