On one side, anyhow. Stopped by the orange box (Home Depot), grabbed some screws and stuff, and got another couple of strips of hull bottom on one side. only 8 more inches to go.

I really thought that the second layer would be easier than the first with the entire first layer to screw to, etc., but so far it has been much harder. Somehow getting the two layers to fit together tightly requires a lot more twisting and bending to get all the wood lined up. The stress on the panels has been pretty high.

Add to that one of them I "rough measured", cut and started fastening down. Did you know that if something goes around a curve it takes more length than the straight path? I did… too bad I didn’t take it into account when I measured it. I start fastening it and as it followed the curve of the bow, it was coming up short at the keel end. Had to take that off and redo it.

Made progress, but honestly it was just one of those frustrating evenings.

Money = $20.93 + $1.47 (tax) = $22.40

Time = 1.5 hours