>>> Boat trapped in garden

You always hear about people building boats in garages or even backyards that they can’t get them out of… well here it is again 🙂

Not really, but the neighbors have really been wondering. The man has build a very nice trimaran for he and his wife and has it ready to go… now he’s looking for all hands on deck to pick it up and move it out. Thankfully its of lightweight construction. Looks like beautiful work. Check the article for more pictures.

"It’s not as though I’m some idiot who got the measurements wrong and is now stuck with a boat he can’t move," he said. "I knew from the start that once the boat was finished I would face some problems getting it out of the garden.

Looks like he came to some of the same conclusions that I did about having a building site that is convenient to your house… makes running out and working for a few minutes much more practical (and solves the "out of site, out of mind" issues too).

"If I had built it on a more I accessible site, it would have meant me travelling miles to get out to do work on it, instead of being able to go down to the bottom of the garden to work on it, which has been much more convenient." "I’m going to get some friends round and we can move the boat together – we can make an afternoon of it. "Although it looks impossible, fortunately because it is so light, we should be able to get it on to the trailer."