Got another couple of sections on the bow… this is when it gets really nerve wracking. I hate putting the heavy pull and twist on these sections. It really seems to work fairly well, but I just keep waiting for something to break.

Did have one goof… got the panel all on and it was great. looked pretty fair and was holding nicely. Then I realized that I had managed to not get glue under one corner of it for about 8". How in the world I didn’t notice that when I was putting it down is beyond me, but thankfully I realized it. Unscrewed a section, stuck glue under and fastened it back down. It think it came out pretty well.

Now I’ll have to trim a bit on the centerline and put the matching panels on the other side. After that… just a handful of narrow pieces to go to the bow end and we’ll be skinned. Picked up a chalk line when I was out and about… want to be able to mark the centerline for the keel (plus I’ve had occasion to need one over the years… any excuse for a tool).

Money = $7.98 (chalk line) + .56 (tax) = $8.54