>>> Vintage Boat Plans

A recent comment points us to a site with some more free vintage boat plans. Might be worth a look and see if they have anything you are interested in.

Welcome to vintageboatplans.com…
Here, you’ll find many of the old boat designs of days gone by. Cabin cruisers, rowboats, skiffs, dorys, kayaks, paddle boats, john boats, hydroplanes, sailboats and more. These old plans usually include materials lists, dimensions and instructional text. Each set of plans is in ONE file so you don’t have to download multiple image files of different sizes and deal with sizing and printing them correctly. Some plans were compiled by others and they didn’t improve them at all. All the plans I compiled myself were completely digitally restored and enlarged, improving the quality at least 100%. Old brown pages were restored to a crisp white to save expensive ink when printing. This process was extremely time consuming.