The Coastal Passage

>>> The Coastal Passage

A nifty web site from "down under", The Coastal Passage is a nice combination of web page, build log and online magazine. News stories, information and all manner of links are available.

Of special interest to me is the build log of the editor. He’s building a composite catamaran. A different building style than what I’m doing, but very interesting.

Still here

Sorry, still no pictures, but a fair amount of work, finally.

Despite the bad weather in Atlanta this weekend, got to work on the boat Saturday and today. Yesterday I got two more 8′ side panels mounted (with Melanie and Dane’s help, of course). This gets us to within about 4′ of the bow on both sides.

Had to replace one narrow strip at bow that separated internally from the strain. Glue didn’t let go, wood inside the plywood separated (not on a glue line there). Guess it was just a weak place. Replaced that and continued on.

Picked up some shorter screws to use to laminate the second layer of the hull (coming this next week).

Today (Sunday), I planed a lot on the bow, especially the inner stem to get the bevel correct and ready to plank. I think I have it figured out how I’m doing this now.

Time = 4 hours (Saturday)
Time = 2 hours (Sunday)

Money = 627.00 (MDO) + 43.89 (tax) = $670.89
Money = 7.14 (screws) + .50 (tax) = $7.64

8′ more

No, haven’t lengthened the hull, but did get home in time to actually work on the boat. There is one advantage to Daylight Savings Time… it’s actually still light when I get home (sometimes).

Anyway, got another 8′ hull side panel on. Went with epoxy this time (taking in mind Mark V’s advice). We’ll see how it compares, anyhow. It is harder to deal with, and I hope I got enough on there. Dane worked on sweeping up some of the sawdust that has been collecting on the top while I worked on this.

This panel gets me 16′ on both sides done. Boat is "balanced" again now. My wife came out to give me a hand getting the panel held in place and commented on how "closed up" it seems now with all these skin pieces in place – not just an open framework.

The next panels will start having a significant bend to them as we approach the bow. Hopefully Saturday!

Time = 1 hour

Mundoo Mailing List

>>> Mundoo Mailing List

Brian Lowe made a recent comment pointing out that he has started a Mundoo mailing list on Yahoo. If you are interested in these interesting boats, or other similar designs, you might want to join up!

I strongly considered the Mundoo design for my build. The fact that they already have an electric model “working” really enticed me. There are some pro’s and con’s between those boats and the V28 I’m building, for my uses, but please take a look.

Chesapeake Light Craft

>>> Chesapeake Light Craft

A supplier of kits and plans for kayaks and other small craft. Neat site, lots of details, forums and some good building tips.

Welcome to Chesapeake Light Craft, suppliers of boat kits, boat plans, and boatbuilding materials. Our distinctive boat designs include kayaks, canoes, rowing boats, dinghies, and sailboats. We’ve been at this since 1991 and nobody has sold more kits and plans. More than 20,000 CLC boats are on the water around the world. Our designs are built by amateurs and professionals alike.

Home building – airplanes

>>> Home building – airplanes

You know… if you decide you can’t tackle a boat, maybe you should try an airplane. Kit built aircraft have been popular for many years.

Somehow, I expect many of the same problems with building a boat at home happen with aircraft builders… not having space, not having time, learning as you go, and sometimes life changes causing you not to finish.

When I was young and interested in radio controlled (R/C) modelling, I thought seriously about aircraft… decided on boats. If a boat motor stops, it sits there. If the aircraft motor stops, its coming down.

Now I think I’ll stay with the same theory as I build my "bigger" model 🙂