You can always use another set of eyes on the problem. I’ve been struggling with how to trim off the bow panel I mounted the other day so that I could mount the other side. No matter what I thought of, it seemed like I would just be guessing how to do it.

Well, as usually, when you get stuck, get another opinion. My Dad was over for Easter dinner and wondered out to see how progress was going. We were looking at the bow and I mentioned my confusion. He immediately pointed out that all I had to do was use a straight edge from the “unfinished” side, mark where the panel will intersect and cut along that line. When I had time to work this evening, I took a ruler, laid it in place along the inner stem (which is already cut to the right angle) and marked where it hit the side panel. Cut along line and presto. After that, It was an easy matter to put the other side in place. Now it really looks like a boat.

All of that concern and it just seemed to work. As icing on the cake, the “lean” I’ve fought at the bow just “came out” and it seems nice and straight.

Time = 1.5 hours