Got to actually get some work done today. Started off by adding fillets (epoxy and fiberglass tape joints) between what will be the bottom of the sheer clamps and the hull sides. This seemed to work very nicely. The fiberglass tape wetted out well and it was easy to do. I used the "ziploc bag" epoxy application method where you put the epoxy in the bag and clip a corner off and use it like a pastry/baker’s decorating tube. Laid down a nice bead. Smooth out with a plastic spoon and away you go.

Dane was a big help cutting the fiberglass cloth tape for each section.

After we got tired of that, I moved to the box. Put one of the two bow panels in place… I’m all the way to the front on one side!

After dinner picked up a few odd supplies from Home Depot… some more adhesive, and some putty knives. I had a plastic putty knife that I have been using to spread and apply some of the epoxy… worked great until I forgot it and let it set up in the nearly empty cup of epoxy. Time to replace that one 🙂

Money  = $10.35 + 2.56 tax = $12.91

Time = 3 hours