Sorry, still no pictures, but a fair amount of work, finally.

Despite the bad weather in Atlanta this weekend, got to work on the boat Saturday and today. Yesterday I got two more 8′ side panels mounted (with Melanie and Dane’s help, of course). This gets us to within about 4′ of the bow on both sides.

Had to replace one narrow strip at bow that separated internally from the strain. Glue didn’t let go, wood inside the plywood separated (not on a glue line there). Guess it was just a weak place. Replaced that and continued on.

Picked up some shorter screws to use to laminate the second layer of the hull (coming this next week).

Today (Sunday), I planed a lot on the bow, especially the inner stem to get the bevel correct and ready to plank. I think I have it figured out how I’m doing this now.

Time = 4 hours (Saturday)
Time = 2 hours (Sunday)

Money = 627.00 (MDO) + 43.89 (tax) = $670.89
Money = 7.14 (screws) + .50 (tax) = $7.64