No, haven’t lengthened the hull, but did get home in time to actually work on the boat. There is one advantage to Daylight Savings Time… it’s actually still light when I get home (sometimes).

Anyway, got another 8′ hull side panel on. Went with epoxy this time (taking in mind Mark V’s advice). We’ll see how it compares, anyhow. It is harder to deal with, and I hope I got enough on there. Dane worked on sweeping up some of the sawdust that has been collecting on the top while I worked on this.

This panel gets me 16′ on both sides done. Boat is "balanced" again now. My wife came out to give me a hand getting the panel held in place and commented on how "closed up" it seems now with all these skin pieces in place – not just an open framework.

The next panels will start having a significant bend to them as we approach the bow. Hopefully Saturday!

Time = 1 hour