The other day I posted an entry about Glue Strength. In it I discussed how I have been using PL Premium (a tube based construction adhesive that is popular in some building circles) for some of my hull skinning activities. So far, I’ve been happy with the results, but long term… maybe not.

I probably didn’t make it clear enough, but this is NOT the glue Mark Van Abbema (the designer of the V28 I’m building) suggests. He specifies epoxy throughout.

It should be obvious, but don’t take anything I say as gospel. I’m doing things the way I decide best, which will (I’m sure) entail several wrong decisions. I blog about what I’m doing, so that you might can learn from my mistakes, if nothing else. Any materials or construction choices I make are my responsibility, not the designer’s, and I realize that.

If you are embarking on your own build of this or any other design, please follow your designer’s recommendations unless you are sure you want to head off “on your own”.