>>> Floating Origami

Our friend Benjy over at WoodenWidget has scored another good writeup about his Origami Dinghy. George Delozier, a regular blogger on InventorSpot.com has provided details on the Dinghy along with several pictures. InventorSpot.com is a neat site covering "the latest inventions, innovations and interesting ideas?"

One thing I didn’t know is that Benjy and WoodenWidget has started sponsoring a "tree planting" program. For every set of plans you buy, a tree will be planted in Benwickshire, Scotland. I think this is really a slick idea. We boat builders tend to use a fair amount of wood, and rely on its availability. Wood is a great, renewable natural resource, as long as its managed and replanted. So buy a plan, build a boat and get a new tree in the bargain.