Picked up another PVC ‘T’ to fix a broken fitting on the shed and a couple of boxes of screws. Putting the hull skin pieces on really eats the screws, even when removing at least some of them once the glue dries.

Got some more of the bow finished. Had one problem where a piece of the chine log decided to split under the load. The ‘tortured’ ply has some of those forward pieces under pretty good torque. I got it glued and clamped (you can see the clamp holding things back in place in the picture) and I think we’ll be fine. The piece on the other side went pretty well.

Note that the two sides are not getting planked totally symetrical (due to available wood pieces and convenience). This is why it looks a bit "warped" and uneven. Hopefully it will be all nice and square when I get done 🙂

Next big task was getting some of the hull side planking in place. By the end of the day I got the rear 8′ (one piece) on each side. This wound up being fairly easy on one side, but the other took more planing. Found out that I had made a mistake in cutting the transom. Seems like I realized it back about the time I had mounted it and figured I would trim it down "in place", but then forgot about it. Thankfully, when I got to sighting down the hull, I realized that the transom on one side "stuck out" about 1/2-1". Had to plane things down a good bit, but I think it worked out ok.

I still have to trim the "top" (at the bottom right now) even with the sheer clamp. That will make it "look right", but it’s so odd having sides on the hull. I hadn’t really realized how often I climb inside to reach something. now that I can’t stand up through the bottom, and part of the sides are closed off, it’s really different.

Money  = $14.53 + 1.02 tax = $15.55

Time = 3.5 hours