Wave powered catamaran

The Suntory Mermaid II is an interesting take on an alternative power vessel… powered by a contraption that gets energy from the waves, this is a 9.5 meter cat that is aiming to make a voyage from Honolulu, HI to Asia.

The home page here has pictures but most of the language is Japanese (?). There is an English language pagewith a lot of the info. There is also a Popular Science blurb about it.

Always nice to see other takes on "self powered" boats that don’t rely on the fossil fuels.

Natural Light Photography – Art and Origami Dinghy

>>> Natural Light Photography – Art and Origami Dinghy

Another great art/photography site. Lots of incredible pictures.

Also of interest is that there is more than just photography. There are several Articles and other information in the Sailing section.

What got me pointed toward this site was that Angus Beare has built an Origami Dinghy. Check out his thoughts and opinions here.

Floating Homes

>>> Floating Homes

An interesting German take on lake/river shore living. Don’t use land, just have a floating home.

Very nice looking small ‘houses’ or cabins. Not set up to truely be houseboats, but rather something that is semi-permanently docked and it is your house. So many boats and houseboats, many of them liveaboards, seem to wind up never leaving the dock – maybe it makes sense to have a nice living space and not have all the engines and motive gear taking up space.

This was a link buried down on the previous Extreme Houseboat page that I wanted to point out.