Ready to work after some errands earlier in the day (including picking up a little more construction adhesive). Get the tools out and find out I’m out of screws. I knew there was something else I was supposed to get at the store. Another quick trip and then we can start. Why can you never do any project with hitting Home Depot multiple times???

Anyway, got a few more strips on the hull bottom at the bow. The designer specifies that these will need to be narrower to take the twist. He’s right, they are under a pretty good load there.

Doesn’t show as well in the picture, but there is actually a curve to the bow now. Of course the other thing that doesn’t show is the gap in one spot that will have to be dealt with… otherwise, I think we’ll sink 🙂

A little of the strain of putting those in place goes a long way for me. Putting wood under a bunch of tension and getting it fastened is a bit nerveracking to me, for whatever reason, so after getting a few sections in place, I moved to another project.

I did the initial trim for the hull bottom at the chine logs. Some places with a jigsaw to get it close, and then the entire thing with the hand planer. I got it down to within about 1/16″ over the entire hull. I’ll make one final pass getting it totally flush and then we’ll be about ready to put the hull sides on. I may start on that before I totally finish the bow. My shed doesn’t have much room at the front, and its awkward up there.

Money  = $15.35 + 1.08 tax = $16.43

Time = 3.5 hours