Well, got out this afternoon (had to help family after surgery yesterday) and Dane and I got started on the next section of hull skinning. Kept measuring and figuring on how to use all these cutoff triangles I have from the previous sections and not cut another full sheet into small pieces. The problem was that the length required nearly any way I could measure it was more than 4′, which made it awkward to get reasonable use from 4’x8′ sheets.

Anyway, Dane finally convinced me to try laying out the triangles one after the other. It suddenly "clicked" for me on how to use them and have the joints come out 45 degrees from athwartships, as designed. Not quite how the designer (or Dane) envisioned, but a much better use of the materials, and achieves the same effect.

For the next few pieces we’ll be alternating the triangle sections. One has the point midships, the next has the point outboard. This has the joints at 45’s from the boat and seems to fit nicely. Don’t even have to cut several of them except for trimming at the chine. Got everything about cleaned up and ready to glue when family called and was having to go back to hospital with a complication, so that was the end of boatbuilding for the day.