Navigator Stove Works, Inc.

>>> Navigator Stove Works, Inc.

Our friend Klaus Hafner (make sure and check out his aluminum river boat build) pointed out a book that might be of interest:

Bruce, found and already read this book. The Warm Dry Boat, by Roger McAfee Some very good informations to deal with venting and heating boats, discussing different techniques and efforts. Maybe you are interested to offer, was not possible to get it from Amazon, just a used one for more 100$ I paid incl shipping to Frankfurt ca. 50$
Br, klaus

This is the contact Navigator Stove Works LLC [[email protected]]
Andrew Moore
Navigator Stove Works LLC
509 Double Hill Road
Eastsound, Washington
98245 USA Ph. 360 376 5161

The Navigator Stove Works, Inc. web site referenced looks quite interesting and detailed. Keeping a boat warm and dry always seems to be a challenge. New/good ideas for maintaining your living spaces is something to keep abreast of.

Lego’s 50th Anniversary

Today is Lego’s 50th Anniversary (see the link for a nice history and background page). I’m sure many of you have played (or still play) with Lego blocks… great toys. My son loves to play with them, as I always (and still do) love them.

Many people have gotten into the celebration. Google‘s logo for the day is an example.


Gizmodo has a slick timeline/history chart of the Lego world. The article on that page has a bunch of neat facts about Lego’s over the years.

To make sure we have a boating tie-in here, check out Sunday’s, Mad Marinerâ„¢ slideshow, which is a great collection of lego boats from various Legoland venues. The detail these builders achieve is incredible to me. The page also has some downloadable wallpaper selections if you want to have one as your screen background.

For full disclosure, I write some paid articles for Mad Marinerâ„¢.


Tortured ply and a trim

Ready to work after some errands earlier in the day (including picking up a little more construction adhesive). Get the tools out and find out I’m out of screws. I knew there was something else I was supposed to get at the store. Another quick trip and then we can start. Why can you never do any project with hitting Home Depot multiple times???

Anyway, got a few more strips on the hull bottom at the bow. The designer specifies that these will need to be narrower to take the twist. He’s right, they are under a pretty good load there.

Doesn’t show as well in the picture, but there is actually a curve to the bow now. Of course the other thing that doesn’t show is the gap in one spot that will have to be dealt with… otherwise, I think we’ll sink 🙂

A little of the strain of putting those in place goes a long way for me. Putting wood under a bunch of tension and getting it fastened is a bit nerveracking to me, for whatever reason, so after getting a few sections in place, I moved to another project.

I did the initial trim for the hull bottom at the chine logs. Some places with a jigsaw to get it close, and then the entire thing with the hand planer. I got it down to within about 1/16″ over the entire hull. I’ll make one final pass getting it totally flush and then we’ll be about ready to put the hull sides on. I may start on that before I totally finish the bow. My shed doesn’t have much room at the front, and its awkward up there.

Money  = $15.35 + 1.08 tax = $16.43

Time = 3.5 hours


Salty’s Marine

>>> Salty’s Marine

I would like to welcome our newest advertiser on Craft A Craft – Salty’s Marine. This is a neat storefront with all kinds of toys for us boating types.


Discount Marine Electronics

Shop Salty’s Marine for all your Marine Electronics needs. We feature deep discounts on our marine products. Here at Salty’s Marine, we are boaters just like you. We also love to save money, just like you. You won’t find bloated retail prices. Our prices on marine electronics are among the lowest you will find. We feature brands such as: Cannon, Eagle, Furuno, Garmin, Guest, Humminbird, Icom, Lowrance, Magellan, Raymarine, and others.

Cargo Ship with supplemental Kite Power

>>> Cargo Ship with supplemental Kite Power

Launching today (Tuesday, the 22nd) on a voyage from Germany to Venezuela, the 462′ MS Beluga will be using a SkySail to provide an expected 20% fuel use savings. Pretty slick as we come full circle from sail to power moving back to sail. Wonder when we’ll see more "personal" versions of this type of sail.

Check out the Telegraph’s article for details.

Skin and curves

Got to work for a good while this afternoon. Got several more pieces of hull bottom in place. Got up to the bow and we’re actually starting to bend some pieces. I think they will come out fairly well.

The curve doesn’t show up very well in the picture, but it’s pretty pronounced. Next piece will have even more twist to it and will have to be cut narrower to deal with it, I think.

The rough cut edge is to be trimmed off flush with the chine logs. Right now it was just a quick cut (that broke at the end) to get it clear of the shed.

Who said a 28′ boat isn’t big? Looks bigger and bigger.

Time = 3 hours

Duffy Electric Boat Slideshow – Mad Marinerâ„¢

>>> Duffy Electric Boat Slideshow – Mad Marinerâ„¢

A couple of years ago (gee, has it been that long) we mentioned Duffy Electric Boats. Seems their use and popularity has continued to grow. Today, Mad Marinerâ„¢ has a pictorial/slideshow of some Duffy Electric Boats in Newport Beach, California.

Check it out for some nice boat pictures and some downloadable wallpaper for your computer if you like.

For full disclosure, I write some paid articles for Mad Marinerâ„¢.