Life Aboard Mazurka

>>> Life Aboard Mazurka

If you read PassageMaker Magazine, you may have seen the latest issue with Felicia Schneiderhan’s article titled "Surviving the Liveaboard Winter". Her and her new husband Mark live on their boat in Chicago, with the challenges that climate can entail in the winter months. It was a good article, and the author information led me to her blog.

I’ve enjoyed reading through many of her posts, and some of the pictures are excellent.

More boat lifts

Our friend Klaus Hafner sends us more links to interesting boat lifts on canals around the world.

I thought I had covered the Falkirk Wheel before, but I don’t see it now. Its a fascinating and beautiful piece of engineering. Isn’t even as energy intensive as you might think, given the balance between the two (extremely large) tubs of water. I hadn’t seen this video of it in operation before:

Yet another design is shown on this French page. You can see some drawings/pictures part way down the page.

Klaus reports that wet and cold are keeping him from outdoor boat welding, but he is working on some plastic work for tankage.

Incline railway/boat lift

>>> Incline railway/boat lift

Since we’re on a roll again with boat transport methods, here’s an interesting site. It is only in French or Dutch, but the pictures and panoramic view pretty much show the deal. Sail a couple of boats into a large "tub" of water, then raise it up the side of a hill 🙂

Make sure and check the photo gallery for some in-use pictures in addition to some closeups of a model version.

Classic boats for sale

Our friends over at have pointed out a couple of listings of older boats that are available for sale right now. I normally don’t do many of these, but one in particular caught my eye.

If I was anywhere close (it’s in Lymington, Hampshire, United Kingdom) I would have to try for it, I think. Needs lots of work, but such a pretty boat to me.

Wooden Restoration Project 1940’s

Now this yacht is slowly rotting away in our yard, such a shame as once was someone’s pride and joy.

We are not sure of type or weight but she is 38 feet long, has for and aft cabins, head, kitchen (fitted) and shower. Lots and of teak and brass fittings as well as all other original fittings.

The boat is complete and has all running gear and electrics, the main engine is an BMC Commodore & the Aux engine is Perkins, model unknown (none of which have been tested but will turn over by hand). Please bear in mind this boat would need total restoration and thousands of pounds spent, we feel she is only good for spares.

Been out of the water for a very long time so the wooden hull has shrunk and is no longer watertight.

Viewing is a must and transportation will have to be arranged, we will lift boat on to transport for you FOC.

This boat is taking up valuable space and will have to be removed within 2 weeks of end of the auction, storage is available at normal rates after this time.

The yacht can be viewed at Lymington Yacht Haven, Lymington, Hants. Please call 01590 677073 and ask for Tony in stores to arrange viewing.