Haven’t fastened them yet, but got another three pieces of the skin cut and laid in place. Looking more and more "boat-like". Did run into one design problem. The hull bottom is spec’ed to have the plywood placed at 45 degree angles to the hull, with a second layer 90 degrees to the first. Problem arose when the required length of one piece at a 45 is longer than a standard 8′ piece of plywood… short by about 8". I wound up cutting a strip off the side of the piece so that it reaches the centerline without leaving a little triangle opening.

Regardless, things went pretty well. Boat seems very solid even climbing around on top of it. I’m getting better coverage than my rough estimates gave. I had figured worst case of 8 pieces to cover the bottom (one layer). I think I may make it with just 6. Given how much narrower the bottom is at the bow, the cutoffs of the pieces at the stern are going to cover most of it.

Using less expensive wood is a nice thing 🙂

Time = 3 hours