Dane and I got busy and started erecting the new boat shed. Right now, if water leaks in the various holes in the tarp, etc. it mostly just falls through to the ground. That won’t be the case once I start skinning things and I don’t want it wet before I get the epoxy/fiberglass/paint/whatever on it. So we need a better cover.

As I discussed before, a PVC frame just seemed a good idea to me, so I went with it. I was taking the plans from PVCPlans.com and modifying them to suit my location, ideas and available materials.

Their plans called for long, one piece sections for each hoop, with the "ridgeline" connections done with T’s slipped over the pipe.

Well, I can’t easily source 1" pipe in 20′ sections, and even if I stepped down to 3/4" which I could get, transporting it wasn’t going to work.

I did have "cross" pieces available (4 way connectors) and 10′ lengths that I could easily deal with, so my plan was to have 2 10′ pieces that met at a 4-way at the ridgeline. The other two openings in the 4-way would be the ridge pole. Great… seemed like it would work well.

Maybe not… if you put that much side tension on a 4-way connection, it either popped out of the connector (even when glued) or broke the connector.

So, plan B. We used 90 degree elbows at the ridge point and have a sloped roof instead of a bowed shape.

If you notice that there are three different roof hights, that is a factor of our other problem. I was basing the rear (in this picture) height off a fence and the side of my deck. Worked great and gives adequate if not wonderful room to work. Then I ran out of deck. I had planned to (and made) use little "legs" to hold up that part. That was working, but the side load on them was pretty significant and they were bowing out. Since I was driving them in the ground, no biggie, just use a longer, heavier leg driven deeper, right?

Guess where the lid to my septic tank is. No driving anything deep right there.

At the bow of the boat I ran our of fence on the other side, so both sides of the frames are sitting on the ground.

The ridgepole is attached with tape, of all things. I will probalby go back and revisit that, but darkness was falling and we needed to get things closed up. Dane had seen some "Gorilla Tape" in the store and had heard that it was really strong, so we tried it. I must say, it was impressive.

Had some 6-mil plastic that was big enough, so we put it on there for now. I really don’t expect things to take much wind in the current configuration. I have to get those other frames leveled up and fastened better. I guess I’ll be building a little wall out that side or something.

Money (pipes and fittings) = $ + . tax = $.

Time = 7 hours