>>> PVC Boatshed

I’ve been thinking and planning a bit on how to provide a roof over my work area. As I try to skin the hull, just throwing tarps over it will not work so well (right now if they leak, the water just drips through the frame and to the ground, when there is skin, it will be landing on my workplace).

There are various bow shed plans, etc. out there, and I had thought about using one, but in the back of my mind I’ve been considering using PVC pipe for a frame. After my Vertical Launch System work PVC pipe has been on my mind 🙂

For whatever reason, I thought to search for PVC sheds today and ran across the PVCPlans site. They have some free plans, and some links to several different suppliers of PVC fittings specialized for building things (instead of the standard plumbing fixtures). I don’t know if I will use special fixtures or just make up something from locally available plumbing fixtures, but there are some neat ideas and things to consider. I like the "SnapClamps" that various suppliers have. They look like a split section of PVC pipe that is sized to "snap over" a pipe and hold on a tarp or plastic cover.