All in all, not the most successful day I’ve had. It was really frustrating since I was just aiming to take care of one fairly easy (I thought) and minor piece, the rest of the inner stem up to the sheer line. It’s two layers of 1×4 set into a notch in the inner stem and fastened at the sheer clamps. Laid everything out, measured three or four times, cut the sheer clamps off to fit (got pretty close, I think), cut the notch and glued away. Then the board split. Well, it wasn’t bad and I decided it would be ok. Then I figured out that it wasn’t straight… I mean the stem of my boat was leaning about 5 degrees or so if I lined the board up between the chine logs and sheer clamp. Back off and eyeball things and it all seems ok, except for how the sheer clamps are coming in at the bow… one side is off somewhere. I tried a few things but it just wasn’t going to line up, so I backed off and left it alone. Better than trying to force something when things obviously aren’t going well.

In the picture you can see the forward end mounted, although I wound up taking it down when it wasn’t aligned to suit. I did later realize that I discovered one good thing about the boat. It’s stiffer than I thought. I was going to pry the offending sheer clamps over inline against the strongback. After working a bit, I discovered that the boat was staying in place and the strongback was giving. At least maybe that means the hull is getting to be a solid unit, and when I add some skin, it should really firm up. If only its symmetrical 🙂

In preparation for this endeavor, I had picked up 2 1×4’s from the local Home Depot… same bin of SYP (Southern Yellow Pine) I’ve been using for the various frame members. At checkout, the total didn’t come out to be as much as I expected. One of them was significantly less than the other (one $4.68 and the other $1.25). It was a different “brand” lumber, with a different name, but its still listed as SYP and looks to be just the same. We’ll see how it does… if it plays out, I sure wish they had all been that price.

Money (2- 1×4) = $6.35 + .42 (tax) = $6.25

Time = 2.5 hours